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Something regarding serum test of Human Growth Hormone

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Something regarding serum test of Human Growth Hormone

on October 9,2018.

The majority of labs can make a blood test for HGH serum before applying human growth hormone injections. This test is easier and cheaper. After you made the first test, inject 4IU of the growth hormone and in 3 hours repeat the test. If the result of the second test reveals a high increase of the serum level, then the HGH test is real.  


The level of the HGH serum is formed by numerous factors and can be inconsistent from one test to the other. Among the factors are: the time of the injections, dose, food, the level of the amino acid degrading enzyme liable for HGH degradation, the potential response of the immune, etc. Taking into account all these factors, the results of the tests will not be the same twice. Such results prove the authenticity of the HGH test but they do not define the potency or quality of the human growth hormone. This misconception is often discussed at various bodybuilding forums. The serum test can prove only the authenticity but not the “strength” of the HGH.
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