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Somabiotech Co., Ltd is a professional Human Growth Hormone and peptides manufacturer and supplier in China. We put production, sales, professional international delivery and considerate after-sale service integrate into a complete and effective HGH and peptides supply line. All of our the products are produced under strict quality control standard...
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  • Semax peptides

    Semax peptides

    WHAT IS SEMAX PEPTIDE? Semax is a peptide best known for its nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic/neurorestorative properties. Semax is the basis for a number of drugs that are used in clinical practice for the treatment of CNS diseases (ischemic brain stroke, dys-circulatory encephalopathy, optic nerve atrophy, etc.) and to enhance adaptability under extreme conditions in healthy persons. The peptide acts as a medication for various conditions, including treating stroke victims, brain damage, and cognitive degeneration. Doctors widely prescribe this drug for other problems like stress relieving and boosting memory. Semax comes as a powder which is mixed with water to form the injectable or use it as a nasal spray. Semax also comes as an N Acetyl Semax and Na Semax Amidate, although there is little study of the two forms. However, from the dozens of Semax online reviews, people report that N Acetyl is an energizing supplement, while Na Semax improves focus.



    WHAT IS THYMOSIN ALPHA 1? Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1) is a powerful peptide which can boost your immune system.Peptides like Thymosin Alpha-1 are essential to maintaining good health and boosting your natural ability to ward off illness.  It is most often given for chronic viral diseases, but it can also increase immunity. Additionally, it can help control inflammation associated with chronic diseases, which can cause excess fatigue.

  • Cosmetic Peptide SNAP-8

    Cosmetic Peptide SNAP-8

    SNAP-8 The synthesis of SNAP-8 involves a final freeze-drying step. Freeze-dried products are commonly obtained as a polymorphous crystalline powder, which means that locally some aggregates and differences in crystal size may appear. This polymorphism is not associated to chemical differences and extensive work performed by the analytical department has ensured the homogeneity of the product. SNAP-8 is presented either as SNAP-8 Powder, an octapeptide in powder form which can be easily dissolved in water, or as SNAP-8 Solution, an aqueous solution containing 0.5 g/L of the powder version. It can be incorporated at the final stage of the manufacturing product, provided the temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius. Taking into consideration the concentration of peptide in SNAP-8 Solution, it is recommended that 3 to 10% of the solution is present in the final formulation in order to obtain significant anti-wrinkle activity.

  • IGF DES(1-3) for bodybuilding

    IGF DES(1-3) for bodybuilding

    IGF DES(1-3), short for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 DES ,  is one of the most popular peptides. It generates new muscle cells and thereby affects muscle growth enormously. Compared to the conventional IGF-1 LR3, IGF-1 DES (1-3) is said to be stronger, faster and more fat-burning.

  • Growth Differentiation Factor 8

    Growth Differentiation Factor 8

    Growth Differentiation Factor 8 (GDF-8), also known as myostatin, is a negative regulator of muscle growth . Moreover, myostatin is expressed in various muscles in early developing humans and adults . Myostatin is considered a myokine. When skeletal muscle contracts it produces and releases cytokines along with other peptides called myokines

Order 10kits HCG at one time to get 5 vials free with 15% discount price.

on October 18,2018.

Order 10kits HCG at one time to get 5 vials free with 15% discount price.

We ve been got very good comments on HCG,our HCG 5kiu is in a high concentration.You could only test positive after dilute 50 times.But most of them in the market can show positive just put the bac water in.

Why you should use HCG ON cycle:
We know that steroids shut down production of LH at the pituitary. This means you no longer produce natural testosterone because there's nothing to stimulate your Leydig Cells in the testes. The reason your testicals normally look "full", is because they're loaded with testosterone. When your natural testosterone production is suppressed, your testes atrophy (shrink), because they're empty. Make sense?
Injecting HCG results in a "mimicked" LH. So although your pituitary gland is not secreting LH, your leydig cells, in the presence of HCG, are stimulated by the mimicked LH and begin to produce testosterone. So there's your solution for preventing testicular atrophy while on cycle. But there's more to HCG than just reversing atrophy. Let's have a quick look at some other reasons to use HCG.
Benefits of HCG during your cycle:
1. Prevention of testicular atrophy.
-- This is done by mimicking LH and restarting natural testosterone production in the testes.
2. Speed up recovery.
-- This is done by mimicking LH so that your Leydig cells remain stimulated. More on this in the next segment.
3. Balances hormonal fluctuation. (Mainly TRT patients and dose dependant)
-- By strategically timing hCG injections, you will prevent "dips" in serum levels.
4. HCG in involved in the process of production for DHEA, Cortisol and Pregnenolone.
-- A host of benefits here. These benefits will combat fatigue and stress, betters your mood, has a role in energy, reduced cardiovascular risk, immune stimulation, betters memory, and more.

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