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Somabiotech Co., Ltd is a professional Human Growth Hormone and peptides manufacturer and supplier in China. We put production, sales, professional international delivery and considerate after-sale service integrate into a complete and effective HGH and peptides supply line. All of our the products are produced under strict quality control standard...
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HGH Serum Test Report Sharing Plan--Somabiotech Co., Ltd

on February 11,2018.
Dear valued customers,

Somabiotech Co., Ltd is now promoting the Serum Test Report Sharing Plan to enourage customers and Somatropin users to share their Serum tests for reference.One vial free Somatropin 10IU will be sent to the customers and users who would like to share their reports to us willingly. In this way, you will see the test result and check the quality on your own, moreover, other customers can learn the quality by the sharing reports. It's the best way to demonstrate Somatropin from Somabiotech Co.,ltd is the best HGH available in the market now.

Email us to get a FREE vial of Somatropin 10IU:
  • Introduce yourself briefly (name, age, gender,age,training,type of product already used and ojectives.)
  • Good quality photo of your HGH Serum test results with vial of Somatropin on it.
  • Personal feedback on Somatropin.
  • Send all details to info@somabiotech.com (subject:Serum Test Report Sharing Plan)
If we validate your application, we will send you a free vial of Somatropin shipped together with your order.

Recommended Serum Test Steps:
  • No exercise or activity during the whole testing period
  • First blood sample
  • Inject 10IU vial at a time Subcutaneous with an empty stomach in the morning
  • Second blood sample 3 hours after injecting

Benefits of Serum Test Report Sharing Plan:
  • Quality of Somatropin can be seen clearer and more intuitive by yourself.
  • Statistical data is more scientific for us to confirm the products quality.
  • You can test and know the quality first, then decide to choose an honest business partner who you're satisfied with.
Serum test reports will be shared on www.somabiotech.com once it's verified and your personal infomation will be strictly protected.

Thank you for participating in our activity. If you have any interest or further questions, please contact us to get further infomation.We appreciate your efforts and cooperation which is making better innovation possible!

Somabiotech Co., Ltd
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