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Tanning peptides MELANOTAN-II

May 13,2019.



It is a lab-made chemical that is similar to a hormone found in people.Melanotan-II is given as a shot to produce erections in men with ED (erectile dysfunction), tan the skin, and prevent skin cancers caused by sun exposure.

How does MELANOTAN-II work

Melanotan 2 stimulates skin cells to produce more melanin, promoting a rapid, deep tan. This amazing tanning peptide also promotes fat loss, appetite suppression, and heightened sexual arousal and libido.

MT2 users experience much quicker tanning and faster healing of sun damaged skin cells. Because of this, melanotan it is especially suited to those who's skin is pale (skin type 1 & 2)   and are prone to burning in the sun.

What MELANOTAN-II can do for your body

Minimal UV Exposure: MT2 is not completely sunless tanner, it still requires exposure to sunlight to be effective, however it requires significantly less time to develop a tan than without the peptide.

Skin damage protection:  Tan by the nature is designed to protects skin from uv ray damage, tan developed with the help of melanotan provides deep pigmentation to protect all skin layers.

Lasting Tan: Even if peptide use is stopped entirely, a warm tan can last for months on end without exposure to the sun. By contrast, tan developed naturally fade very quickly in a matter of days depending on persons skin type.

Effective For Tanning

Enhanced Natural Tanning.A healthy, natural tan comes from melanin, the brown pigment in your skin. Melanotan 2 tells your skin to make more melanin, resulting in a faster, darker, better tan.

Problem with tanning is that getting a full body tan requires plenty of uv ray exposure, its well known fact that too much uv rays are bad for the skin and health. This is where mt2 peptide comes in and solves all the tanning problems.

Tanning peptide is a type of peptide that stimulates production of melanin in the body.  Melanin production is your body's natural response to UV damage, its main purpose is darkening of the skin to protect it from being damaged.

Sexual dysfunction

During clinic trials for its use as a tanning agent, melanotan II was found to be a potent stimulator of male erections. A new drug based on melanotan II, bremelanotide, was developed to take advantage of this property. It has been noted across several studies to increase rigidity and duration of male erection, as well as male sexual desire. It has also been shown to increase female sexual desire in patients with sexual arousal disorder.

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