Human Growth Hormone

Precautions of GH pen injection.

November 24,2019.
Precautions of GH pen injection.

By using the insulin pen to inject our HGH cartridge 30iu. what you should pay attention as follows:

First, 2ml of bacteriostatic water must be used. Note that it is bacteriostatic water, adistilled water or sterile water are not suggested. Because the Bacteria may grow when repeat use of the pen to inject,Only bac water could  better inhibit. Considering the big dosage of 30iu, If you use only 1ml  bacteriostatic water,it may not be dissolved very well.

Second, don't inject bac water into the cartridge directly when you still did not put the cartridge into the pen. Because the pressure will cause silica gel part collapse directly and resulting in product waste. As there is air inside the cartridge,the correct operation is to extract the air out with the syringe first, Bac water will then go into the cartridge directly.

Third, regarding how to adjust the injection dosage by this Pen. Frankly speaking,we do not produce and never use this pen before. We buy online and currently provide to clients for free under the report of clients who could not find a pen at local place very well.  So we could not have adefinite answer about the quality and the usage of this pen case. We could only provide some suggestions according to our test.  Our own research shows adjust the scale to the number of 7 times the number of IU you would like to inject to get right dosage injection. For example, if you would like to inject 1iu, then adjust to 7.  And that's based on 2ml bac water inside the cartridge. That's the result we got but in end, we need client to test when using by themselves.
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