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PEG MGF: A high-performance peptide for growing and healing your muscles

April 19,2019.

PEG MGF: A high-performance peptide for growing and healing your muscles


PEG-MGF, also named Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, is a peptide mainly used for recovery after injuries. It is known for being able to repair damaged muscle tissue much better than IGF-1.

It’s has been proved that PEG-MGF helps grow the satellite cells found near damaged muscle tissues that act as substitute cells in the damaged muscle which means PEG-MGF creates new cells close to damaged muscle tissue while helping the muscles grow. Obviously it’s helps for building new muscle tissue while repairing existing muscle.

Since PEG-MGF is a variant of IGF-1, it’s known for causing superior growth in adult muscles despite any lack of genetic predisposition. Certainly creating new muscle cells helps muscle growth by favoring increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. In summary, PEG-MGF is above all to help someone looking to stimulate delayed muscle growth.

How does MGF work?

If you have been training with weights, then you have already been using your own MGF that your body creates.  IGF-1 is spliced due to its response to broken down muscle tissue and one of the splices produced is IGF-1Ec, better known as mechano growth factor.  Basically, MGF is a version of IGF, specifically IGF-1Ec.  MGF is an amazing variant that directly helps with the up-regulation of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.   This is why I think that PEG MGF is the best variant of the IGF-1 series.  After you have broken down muscle tissue (post training), you can use the peptide PEG MGF and reap the benefit of its response to damaged muscle tissue.  In addition, it will help you signal growth in nearby undamaged muscled cells. This gives it the unique ability to grow lagging body parts in areas where muscle growth is desired.

Positives of PEG-MGF

1) Stimulates muscle growth

2) Creates new muscle fibers

3) Increases muscle recovery

4) Favors nitrogen retention

5) Increases protein synthesis

Negatives of PEG-MGF

1) Requires injection just after workouts

2) Redness in the face

3) Itchy skin

Advices for PEG-MGF Usage and Cycles

It’s advised to use PEG-MGF after exercise or during rest days because IGF-1 is lower at this time and the peptide can be mainly used for recovery.

Due to its long life in the body, it can be injected subcutaneously in fatty areas of the body like the stomach, thighs and buttocks. It’s long life allows to stay reactive long enough to make it to the muscle receptors and continue its restoration.

The powder vials can be stored at room temperature for 1-2 months. Beyond that, they should be kept in a cool place at a temperature between 35 and 45 degree Fahrenheit. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 18 months. Once mixed, the vials should not stay at room temperature but directly stored in a cool place. It’s also suggested to only mix the vials one-by-one when they are used.

It’s also recommended to either make a single injection after exercising several muscles or make two injections laterally in the body (equal doses on the right and left sides).

Where can I buy real PEG MGF Online?

If you are going to buy PEG MGF online there are a few things you should take into consideration. One is that not all manufacturers of PEG MGF are producing a quality product, so when you are looking to buy PEG MGF online, please make sure its from a reputable supplier.

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