Human Growth Hormone

HGH Serum Test to Know Realness of Somatropin

July 31,2018.
HGH serum test

HGH blood/serum test is a economic way to test the Somatropin quality by customers at their side. You can have the test by dropping by a local pharm or instant test lab, and there's a few notifications to pay attention to as below.

If you want to test the quality of a 10iu vial, you should:
- Use the whole vial at one time with empty stomach in the morning
- Do sub-q(subcutaneous) injection
- Take blood test 3 hours later after injection

Tips: Test should be taken 3 hours after injection instantly because HGH effects at the peak around 3 hours, so we test at the peak, we get the most accurate result. If blood samples kept overnight and tested the other day, it's unsure that whether the growth hormone can work or last that long, even it's not kept in human body but a test tube, the result is unsure.

If you just want to see if the HGH works but not focus on the result of dosage of a whole vial, you can just take 4iu of HGH and take the blood  test follwing above steps mentioned. If the report showed an increase in normal serum level, that's the GH effects and which indicates the realness of the Somatropin you bought.

Result inconsistencies of growth hormone serum test
HGH serum levels also depend on many factors and are inconsistent from test to test. These factors include injection timing, dosage, diet, current body levels of amino acid degrading enzyme responsible for HGH degradation, potential immune response, etc. For this reason you are unlikely to get the same growth hormone test result twice. The result is a reliable indicator that the injected growth hormone is authentic however it cannot determine the quality or potency of HGH. This is a common misconception often mentioned on bodybuilding forums. HGH serum levels will not tell you “how strong” the growth hormone is, only whether it is real or not.

Is home pregnancy test can be used to determine if the HGH is real?
This is also a misconception of a few people to take test of Growth Hormone. The pregnancy test is only good for determining if the substance is HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), pregnancy hormone which is found only in the urine of pregnant women. HCG looks the same as HGH, the only difference being when adding water to the vial, HCG completely dissolves in seconds, while real HGH keeps a few lumps of powder floating around for several minutes before completely dissolving. In this case it's a rumor that pregnancy test can be used to measure whether it's the real HGH, because it's the way to test HCG. You should also need to take the serum test and check the blood level on the report if you want to prove the realness on your own. 
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