Peptide Synthesis


November 22,2018.

Why is shipping cost charged differently for a same parcel?

For domestic USA: We ship all parcels by USPS but it charged differently because of different service: USPS first class, USPS priority and USPS express. Shipping cost is getting higher with a faster service.

For International: Differently shipping cost depends on different shipping methods, basically the expensive one offers a faster delivery and are able to get through custom faster and safer.

What if I don’t get good result from your product

We guarantee purity of the products you get from us is over 98% while we can’t guarantee what level or result you could get from it because different people react differently to it. Also it is not a scientific method to judge it by your subject feeling. Getting a serum test from LabCorp then check what kind of peptide is proper for you is highly recommended if possible.

What if you don’t ship product after getting my funds.

We are a responsible company and having good reputation for years.
Your parcel will definitely be shipped once we are getting your money unless we are fail to receive it.

What do I do if I am getting allergy from your products

Please stop using it once you find an allergy occurs then seeking medical assistance to figure out what is the allergen. If it is confirmed that you are getting it from our products, that means this specific peptide is not proper for you. Finding an alternative peptide with similar functions is the way to go. 
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